We have people who

  • can ride a tiger
  • can travel light
  • can understand politics and governance
  • can share a room with lizards and bedbugs
  • isn’t afraid of height and speed
  • can read, write and speak at least two languages
  • have strong stomachs
  • can drink water from hand-pumps and earthen pots
  • can ride bicycles, bullock carts and tractors
  • are extremely good writers
  • can click some good pictures with cameras and phones
  • can strike a conversation with strangers
  • understand technology
  • can switch between 2G and 4G without problems
  • don’t get homesick easily
  • can spend days/nights traveling on roads, in trains, cars and in planes and helicopters

We are also on a lookout for people who can be part of this maverick team. We are an equal opportunity employer and don’t discriminate if you are superman or batman or superwoman or cat woman. If you feel you’re up to this challenge, please write to us at thechosenone@warroom.live to initiate the discussion.

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