We believe that in any democratic environment, any policy that impacts the lives of millions cannot be delivered without effective communication. We also believe that any political leader will not be able to communicate effectively if he or she only relies on one-way communication using mass media.

Hence, we created WarRoom Strategies –  a specialist consultancy helping governments and political parties communicate effectively and effortlessly.

Established by a team of seasoned public affairs specialists, election strategists, political strategists, and government communications experts, WarRoom Strategies advice many top political and government leaders to win elections, attract investments, manage their personal and political brands, and create continuous research-based audience outreach strategies to engage with various stakeholders across geographies.

We are one of the very few consultancies in India, which successfully aggregates complete suite of campaign management services. We manage research, data analytics, polls, creative, advertising, public relations, content, digital, social media, rural outreach, word of mouth, guerrilla marketing, animations and films, activation & events, and design experiences.

We are actively working with various political parties across the country on election strategies and helping a number of top leaders manage their personal and political brands. This specialist unit within WarRoom Strategies provides vital communication and engagement strategies to them based on a solid foundation of research and understanding of art and science of reputation management. We help them win elections, create and maintain their mindshare amongst voters and influencers.

Our in-house team of experts have developed proprietary technology, modelling, and communication tools, which helps us gauge the mood of the voters and their sentiments towards the political parties and leadership. This convergence brings a unique combination of mathematics and chemistry to deliver winning campaign strategies.

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